Take control of your future today!!!

Learn how to grow your business even if you are not tech savvy!!!

You've poured blood, sweat and tears into your business but its just not bringing in enough money...

You had a great idea or you are really good at something so you decided to start your own business right?

But then you found that there is more to having a business than just delivering the great product or service your have...

People need to know you exist and for that you need to have a website and you need to have a way to drive people to your website but websites are expensive and marketing even more so.

You want to look proffesional but you know little about creating proffesional looking invoices and statements and about bookkeeping and all those admin things give you a headache just thinking about them. You can't afford to hire someone for this and trying to figure it out on your own is wasting hundreds of your hours and frustrating you into the ground. 

You feel like everything just costs more money and still the customers are not coming.

You start to get despondant and have sleepless nights about bringing in enough money to cover your expenses at the end of the month. 

You start to wonder if it would be easier to go back to working for a boss or to maybe try a different kind of business.

Your dream of having your own business has become a nightmare and it feels like your passion has turned into a burden. You are working just to pay your staff and get even less salary and time off than you did when you had a full time job.

There must be an easier way? How do small businesses become big businesses?

Surely, there must be some kind of recipe?


Learn how to become a BUSINESS NINJA and turn your business into a huge success!!!!

This amazing online course will teach you step by step, click by click how to set up your business for financial success. You will learn how to create a proffesional image for your business, how to streamline and automate the admin part of it and how to get customers and their money rolling in!

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

You will get immediate access to 26 video lessons in sequence of what you need to do.

The basics can be done in mere minutes and within just a couple of weeks your business could be booming!!!

Eliminate unnecessary expenses

You will no longer need a website developer, graphic designer, bookkeeper, admin assistant or  marketing boffin!

Save thousands

If your markeing is optimised and your sales are automated you will save thousands!

Take Control

Instead of feeling helpless and lost, you will feel in control en empowered with all the knowledge you will gain!

Make Money

Money will come rolling in and you can stop stressing and start enjoying your business and the lifestyle it gives you. 

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Marie Fisher

Baby product company

I can't believe how easy it is!

I wish I had bought this course ages ago. All this time I have been battling to figure these things out and the step by step guided videos make it so easy anyone can do it!

Carl Numan

Communications business

My income has trippled in 2 months!

Once I did everything I learned in the course, the sales started streaming in and in just 2 months my sales trippled!

Gary Howard


I feel so empowered!

I used to wait for one gig to the next, now I'm booked 6 months in advance and I could push my prices up tremendously!

What’s in the course?


Module 1: Email database

Module 1 contains 6 video lessons that teach you how to collect and store potential customer's email adresses and send them bulk emails. You will also learn how to create a landing page, design sign up forms for your website and create automated emails.


Module 2: Make awesome videos

In these 5 video lesson you will learn how to make live videos, animated videos and photo videos. You will also learn how to edit them and upload them onto youtube and your website or landing page.


Module 3: Set up a shop on your website

This module will explain over 3 video lessons how to install the right plugins on your website, set up a payment gateway and create products. Everything you need to start selling on your website!


Module 4: Marketing 101

Learn how to use Google analytics to keep track of how many people visit your website, Google Adwords to guide customers from Google to your website and how to do Facebook Marketing. This module alone has the potential to double your income almost immediately!!! 


Learn how to make a sales funnel!!!

At the end of the course there is an additional BONUS module containing 8 videos that show you how to build a sales funnel so that customers are guided from your advert to your website and then funneled into making the sale so that they don't fall through the cracks and get lost along the way. 

stop losing customers

If you don't have a sales funnel, your are losing customers along the way. 

get crazy conversion

Increase the ratio between people that see your advert and people that buy significantly 

make people want to buy

Learn how to use the right layouts and the right wording to get people to want to buy.

About The Course Teacher,
Marelize Appelcryn

Marelize has been an entrepeneur all her life and is the owner of 5 succesful business. She is living her dream life on her farm in the middel on nowhere while running her businesses from home. 

Being a "go getter" she has always tried to figure things out for herself and has spent thousands of hours attending courses and researching the best ways to make her companies grow, which is why she can now share this valuable information with you to help your business grow.

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

Christian Doe


I like that she is from South africa

I have seen many courses from overseas countries but because this course is built for South Aficans, it is relateable and I know what she says will work here.

Barbara Lane

Art Director

I love that the course is presented by a woman

I feel like I can relate better beacuse it is presented by a woman. There are so many moms who would love to have their own business or make a success of a small business they already have. Girl power!

Marie Jones

Marketing Specialist

It is so easy to follow and implement

The course is so well presented and so easy to follow. It is literally click by click, all on video!

So much value for so little investment!!!

What would you be willing to invest for such valuable information?

Would a marketing degree or a business degree give you this relevant, updated step by step guidance?

What would a business coach cost? R800 per hour?

How many hours would you need to battle to figure it out by yourself and how much money will you lose while you do this?

This once off, tiny investment into your future could make you millions!!!

business ninja course

Take your business to the next level



Less 70% till 7 May only

= R900

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • Sales funnel bonus module
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • 30 minute private coaching call

Course Enrollments close on 7 May 2020


100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 7 Days

If you are not happy with the course we will give you a full refund!

Don’t wait! Look at what past students have to say about this course

Debra Grant

Home baker

I was a bit nervous...

I was a bit nervous to spend so much money while I was battling to make ends meet but I decided that there was no way I was ever going to get out of this cycle if I didn't take a chance.

Well, this course has paid for itself hundreds of times over. If I knew the real value, I would have paid 10x the amount.

Linda Parker


I thought maybe I could figure it out on my own

I was convinced that there must be similar info available for free but I really did my research which ended up only confusing and frustrating me and costing me hundreds of wasted hours. I wish I had just done this course from the begining!

Glenda Sanders

School owner

I thought it might be too complicated for me

I am not techy at all and was very nervous about the difficulty of the course but it is really so easy with the step by step videos. Most of the set up things only need to be done once so you dont have to remember how to do it, you just need to follow the steps and its done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any "after sales" service?

Is it ok to use a credit card to pay online?

How soon will I start seeing results?

Does it matter what kind of business I have? 

business ninja course

Take your business to the next level



Less 70% till 7 May only

= R900

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • Sales funnel bonus module
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • 30 minute private coaching call

My personal note

I hope that this is the begining of a huge change for you and that you and your business will benefit greatly from this course and finally earn the lifestyle you deserve.

It took me 2 years to write it and I don't think it will ever stop growing as I am always learning new tricks and my passion for growing my businesses is ever expanding. 

I look so forward to hearing about  your amazing results!