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Step 3 - Website

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You need to choose a theme. This determines the "look and feel" of your website. (You are now logged into the back end of your website. The URL will be something like www.mywebsite/wp-admin/)

On the left hand menu go to "Appearance" and then "Customize"

There you can choose a theme. You will see that at first it doesn't give you very many to choose from but in the search bar type in "total". You will see now it will give you hundreds of themes to choose from. You can then refine your search to find specific features it must have like woo-commerce (means you can sell things) or a specific colour. I personally prefer TOTAL theme as it is very flexible and you can do almost anything with it. You can chop and change your theme as much as you want but keep in mind that every time you do that, you will have to rebuild the site all over again as everything you loaded before will be lost. So I suggest that once you install a theme, add your photos (play with the customize settings in that same menu where you changed the theme) and see if the look will work for you before you add any pages and other info. Remember that whichever theme you choose, the pictures can be changed so don't get caught up by them being "wrong" for your site. The "look and feel" is all about where the pictures and text blocks and menus and things are situated, not about what is in the pictures.

To get the maximum benefit from the TOTAL theme, you will have to upgrade to the PRO version, which will cost about R1000 but it is quite worth it when you realize how limited other themes are. But...maybe you can get away with a free theme depending on what you want to do.

Course Structure

Free - just register and log in first

Choose a theme

This is all about the look and feel of your website.

Free - just register and log in first

Install plugins

These are the back end programs that make your website function.

Free - just register and log in first

Build pages

Start building the pages of your website

Free - just register and log in first

Add products

Add the products that you want to sell on your website

Free - just register and log in first

Link it all together

Link your pages and products to one another, create a menu and finish off your basic website.